Mike Castellucci says he is absolutely thrilled to be back at WFAA and working in North Texas.

This marks Mike's second tour of duty with the Dallas - Fort Worth television station. He joined WFAA back in 2003 working for more than five years as the station's esteemed "Why Guy." He specialized in continually uncovering stories focused on what Mike calls the "human condition" — the who, what, where, and why, (especially "why"), of what makes Texans tick. From a cemetary where an outer space alien is buried, to Stonehenge II, to the cathedral of junk, Mike found it and shared it with us.

He also produced and hosted a series of award-winning half hour specials on WFAA called "Why-TV."
Some of the most memorable segments that Mike created during his first tenure at WFAA included his "Home Office" interviews. Basically he found a space in the middle of the Mixmaster, set up the world's only outdoor cubicle complete with rotary dial telephone and file cabinet, and interviewed folks.

There were also the early morning Alarm Clock Pep Rallies. Mike and crew traveled all over North Texas, visiting over 60 high schools with a high octane televised pep rallies that turned in to unpredicable community wake up calls and local celebrations. Many a professional football player remembers the Alarm Clock Pep Rally as one of the highlights of their high school days.

Castellucci left the station in 2008 for sunny San Diego where he spent the past five years working as the live morning reporter on Good Morning San Diego.

He continued the tradition of Alarm Clock Pep Rallies and the world's only outdoor cubicle where such luminaries as Cloris Leachmann, Marvin Hamlisch, Drew Brees, and a penguin from Sea World visited.

Earlier in his career, Mike worked for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles where he was recognized with four Emmy Awards for his reporting. In fact, between his work in Dallas - Fort Worth and California, Castellucci has been honored with an impressive 18 Emmy Awards.

He and his wife love their beagle family and he enjoys learning the art of oil painting.

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