The High Speed Rail Commission offered a progress report on high speed rail in Dallas-Fort Worth.


DALLAS -- The Texas Department of Transportation, High Speed Rail Commission and the Texas Transportation Commission are meeting in Dallas over the next two days.

The last time the High Speed Rail Commission met was back in April. Wednesday they presented a public progress report on high-speed rail in the Dallas and Fort Worth region.

There are several factors that could impact whether a high speed bullet train could ever be going back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth, and possibly from DFW to Houston and into southern Oklahoma.

Comparing costs to Europe and California, estimates range between $60 and more than $90 million per mile.

TxDOT is in the middle of a year and a half feasibility study on the rail and the commission is also looking into factors like cost, environmental impact, and whether there is public interest in a rail system.

While the prospect is exciting for convenience, it's also becoming a necessity. The state is in the middle of a population explosion that includes much of North Texas.

"The population of Texas is estimated to be doubling between now and the year 2050," said John Barton, Deputy Executive Director of TxDOT. "And we can't build our way out of those challenges with more roads and bridges only."

If any project were to get the go-ahead, the commission's status report indicates the earliest construction is estimated to begin is spring of 2018 with operations starting in fall of 2021.

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