TCU is asking everyone who comes to a game this year to "Amp It Up."

And bring a bottle of water, if you want to.

The slogan aims to produce a rowdy crowd. The water is an incentive to get fans inside.

And once inside, TCU boasts that the rowdy crowd will find stronger Wi-Fi, better score updates, livelier entertainment and a bigger concessions menu stocked with Fort Worth flavors like Fred's burgers and Buffalo Bros pizza.

All of which can be ordered from your seat.

Plus, fans can watch replays on their phones.

And, if it's a daytime kickoff, fans can tailgate for three hours after the game, instead of 1 1/2.

It's all about the stadium experience, TCU officials say — getting fans off their couches by making things easier for them and their phones. The replay app is available at

"These young kids today, they're attached to the phone," athletic director Chris Del Conte said. "They want to be able to watch the game, share the experience with their friends, take pictures, post — so we Wi-Fi'd the entire stadium.

"You can sit there and watch the game, replays on your screen. You can sit down and order your food. All things we're trying to do to make it a better experience."

Many of the ideas came from the 3,000-plus responses to a fan survey last fall. Some came from an in-game entertainment expert. Some are straight from Disney. Yes, Disney.

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